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Hello from Kosmic Clown Catering 

Kosmic Clown Catering is a Holistic Catering Company offering both Food Services, as well as Food products. Using an Ayurvedic understanding of food to "Cater" the energy of food to fit your specific needs.  To learn more about what Ayurveda is click the link below. 

Ayurvedic Food Products

Ayurvedic Food Products are Food Products designed to Boost Specific Doshas to help align your body with your lifestyle. To check out Kosmic Clown Catering's line of Ayurvedic Food Products, or Learn more about what the Doshas click the corresponding links below.

$12 Ayurvedic Meal Pack (Denver ONLY)

Looking for good clean food at an affordable rate? Check out our $12 Ayurvedic Meal Pack Service. 

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